Metal Bar Conversion

Valco has been providing Continuous Bar Conversions throughout the United States for over 30 years.  Continuous Bar Conversion is taking a standard shape of metal and creating a newly desired shape down its entire length. We have 13 planers ready to create your metal bar request and custom shapes are available. Contact our friendly staff to specify you material and shape requirement and use our convenient calculator below to calculate your starting size!

Our bar conversion can be used to transform flat bars, angles, channel, round rods and square bars into an entirely new profile. We do this by feeding the material through a planar which creates your custom profile down the entire bar’s length.

Use our
Bar Conversion Calculator
at the bottom of this page.

Bar Conversion Types:

Round to Hexagon Round to Octogon Round to Square
Round to Rectangle Rectangle to Angle Rectangle to Extrusion


Metal Bar Conversion Calculators

Round to Square

Round to Rectangle

Round to Hex

Round to Oct